Turkey has raised the bar in Triathlon

Triathlon European Championships in June in Alanya hosts Turkey in 2014, again in Alanya Triathlon World Cup will be hosted on one foot .trtriathlon
Triathlon Federation Chairman Hamdi Sun, AA correspondent, said in a statement , Turkey’s triathlon athletes , coaches and referees with a certain point , he said .
The point reached in June at the European Championships in Alanya seen more clearly stated that the Sun, ” (Turkey triathlon organizations can it? ) Thought he was dominant . While some have been forced European Championships . Following the European Championship Triathlon Federation president have made with our assessment of the situation . President, ‘ Did you raise the bar very , after you have the job , “he said . It was gratifying for us , “he said .
Turkey – in – Streamer -Y Triathlon
Leg World Cup in Alanya
Solar received after a nice return Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu target with little more grown up and they decided to organize a world championship and expressed .
Without wasting time International Triathlon Union ( ITU), the applicant explained that the Sun, said :
” In our meeting in London in September check out. One foot in the World Cup will be held in Alanya . Exact dates will be determined in a month . This organization made ​​in Turkey is important, but what is important ; Our training athletes . Some projects have started. Infrastructure are important. A few years ago , our athletes leave the world championships , European championships did not complete the race . Participants in this year’s world championship races were completed in the middle row . We’re on the right track . We climb the stairs slowly . ”
Allowed to Olympic Triathlon Team
Industry developed rapidly in the world of triathlon striking sun, reminiscent of many sports branch was unable to take part in the Olympics .
For the first time in Turkey ‘s 2016 Olympic triathlon team stressed that takes place in the Sun, ” 2016 is expected to be in 2020 if not . Until the New Year will be announced . Our goal is to attend the Olympics in Rio in 2016 , to get a medal . We were expecting 2020 to be in our country but did not. After that purpose ; participate in the Olympics to get a medal , “he said .