Turbo-powered Vladimir takes Alanya Gold


The Junior men delivered a great race. The Junior Women provided us with a stunning performance from a first-timer. The Elite Women’s race was a spectacular battle for the podium and for points in the ETU Rankings Series. Could the Elite Men’s race be any more exciting?
Well, with a powerful mix of athletes from Rio, of athletes who raced the WTS circuit and with some newer faces, this could be quite an unpredictable race. Would youth and innovation beat years’ of experience?

As they lined up for the swim, some were relaxed and others were clearly very tense.

The heartbeats faded away from the massive speakers. There was silence. “Take your marks”

Just losing his balance cost Jorik van Egdom NED a time penalty in T1 of 15 seconds.

The spray from the shallows made a spectacular start to the swim. Two laps out in the clear seas showed Andrey Bryukhankov RUS as the initial leader.

He came into T1 with a string of athletes behind him including Vladimir Turbaevskiy RUS, who had last secured a podium here in 2012 with a silver medal. He had been busy all day Saturday coaching his wife around the course but here he was, tucked in behind the younger Bryukhankov and looking race fit. Alongside him were both the Polyanskiy brothers; Dmitry and Igor. From Azerbaijan, Rostislav Pevtsov was in a strong position and with Francesc Godoy ESP there would be some frantic mathematical calculations going on to see who could do what with the rankings.


Turbo-powered Vladimir takes Alanya Gold