2016 - Championship events - we need YOU !

19.05.2015 2016 - Championship events - we need YOU ! 2015 has already seen the presentation of a series of medals to European Champions. In the chilly and terrible conditions of Reinosa at the end of January the medals for the ETU Winter Triathlon Championships were decided. To be honest, anyone racing there deserved a medal ! In Horst, battle took place for the Elite and U23 over the sprint duathlon course. Over the tougher and longer ETU Powerman Course, medals were decided for the Elite as well as Para and Age Group athletes. Two weeks later, but still in April, the duathletes moved to Alcobendas in Spain to race over the Standard distance, with medals going to the Elite, U23 and AG athletes. For the Para and AG athletes there was a chance to race for the podium in the Sprint Distance. Three championships down and next up is the ETU Challenge Middle Distance event in Rimini. For the swim / runners, the ETU Aquathlon Championships will take place again in Cologne at the end of June. The year ahead will see further medals at the Big One in Geneva in July and then further championships in Schluchsee for the ETU TNatura Cross Triathlon Championships, in Banyoles for the ETU Triathlon U23 and Youth Championships and in Weymouth in September for the ETU Challenge Long Distance Triathlon Championships. The season comes to a close in October with the ETU Triathlon Club Championships in Nice and then the ETU Castro Urdiales Cross Duathlon Championships in Spain. But, these events are taking place this year. We are looking ahead to 2016 and are inviting bids for events that will attract hundreds of athletes with their families, which will bring the world’s media to your door and which can be used to promote not only our great sports but also your city and your federation. There are four bidding documents that invite interest from ETU National Federations (NFs), Host Cities or Event Local Organising Committees (LOCs). If you feel you can become involved in delivering a traditional European Winter Triathlon (Run, MTB, Ski), an Aquathlon or a Cross Duathlon, then please the following document. Multisport European Championships Bid Document, 2016

a) ETU Winter Triathlon European Championships;
b) ETU Aquathlon European Championships;
c) ETU Cross Duathlon European Championships.

If you feel you can really help with developing our promising junior athletes as well as supporting the growing interest in shorter races by providing a race over the Sprint Distance, or by supporting Europe’s best athletes in the Standard Distance events, leading up to the ETU Ranking Finale, where the European Cups Bid Document, 2016

a) ETU Junior Triathlon European Cups;
b) ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cups;
c) ETU Triathlon European Cups;
d) ETU Triathlon Premium European Cups;
e) ETU Triathlon European Cup Final.

The athletes racing in the U23 category will soon be our Elite athletes. We will see Europe’s best race together at a U23 Triathlon European Championships as well as the ultra-exciting U23 Mixed Relay European Championships. If you feel you can offer the race then download this document. U23 Triathlon European Championships Bid Document, 2016 a) ETU U23 Triathlon European Championships; b) ETU U23 mixed relay European Championships. The ETU Triathlon Youth Triathlon Championships and Festival will be the new growth area within European Triathlon. We are looking for a National Federation, Host City or Local Organising Committee to host an Individual Triathlon event for the youth category; based upon a semi-final / final (A and B) format. Alongside this race that would give us a Youth Triathlon European Champion, we would like to see a Youth Mixed Relay event and a social and educational event. If you feel you would like to be part of this exciting new development in our sport, then download this document. ETU European Youth Triathlon Championship & Festival Bid Document, 2016 a) Individual Triathlon event for youth on semi-final/final (A and B) format. The winner will be the Youth Triathlon European Champion; b) Youth Mixed relay event. The winner will be the Mixed Relay Triathlon European Champion; c) social and education event. Finally, ETU is seeking to continue with the development of club racing in the region. The ETU Triathlon Club European Championships will feature an event on a mixed relay format. There will be a significant prize purse for clubs along with media and internet coverage, which will make hosting this event very attractive for sport tourism and the global brand of the host city. If you want to see triathlon teams racing in your city, then please download this document. Triathlon Club European Championships Bid Document